Life As It Could Be.


 Instead of killing my facebookfriends with my way to long status updates, this will from now on be My place to empty My mind and thoughts. 

It will be written in struggeling english, as I'm most of the time abroad.

-A swedish blond prinsess to far away from home*

Take part of how life can apear.The strange way life sometimes can treat us. Good and bad things happens, the question is just which is the best way? And what make us stronger?

If you're going to take part of my journey, the hidden fee is to leave a comment.

-As an secret bastard you will just be a stupid spy. 

After a night of casting up Im once again back on track. Had a good day at work and did in the evening my best investmant so far;
I bought myself a heater!! My frozen ugly house is not freezing cold anymore, and I can sit up straight without getting frost on my nose. 


-A warm heart just takes you longer than a frozen*






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